Everest Medical Offers Convenient Scheduling for DOT Physicals

DOT physical at Everest Medical

Want to be a commercial vehicle driver?, you will be required to have a DOT physical (Department of Transportation Physical). These exams are performed to make sure you are healthy enough to drive a commercial vehicle.

Everest Medical Care team members are trained and certified to perform DOT physical exams. We offer this service during extended hours so that you can schedule this exam during times that are convenient for you.

What Is a DOT Physical?

A Department of Transportation Physical is a checkup that’s required for commercial vehicle drivers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

This physical exam makes sure you are able to meet the physical requirements of your job which includes being able to tolerate the health risks posed by sitting for long periods of time.

If you have been told that you need a DOT physical, here’s what you need to know.

Department of Transportation Physical physicals are required in order to obtain a commercial driver’s license.

A DOT physical at Everest Medical will help to determine your overall physical health and ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle. A DOT physical helps ensure that you are medically qualified to handle the intense schedule, physical demands and emotional stress of operating commercial vehicles under all types of conditions.

Once you pass a DOT physical, you’ll receive a medical certificate that allows you to drive a commercial vehicle for 2 years, provided you have no underlying physical or mental condition that requires testing more often.

However, if you have certain medical conditions, you may be required to get a DOT physical more often. These conditions include conditions such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart disease.

If you have a medical condition such as very high blood pressure, you may be required to have physicals every 3 months while you undergo medical treatment to correct or manage the issue.

What does a DOT physical at Everest Medical consist of?

You will first have to fill out a medical health history form that asks questions about your health history.
At your DOT physical, you’ll be given a complete physical examination that tests things such as your hearing, vision, blood pressure and other health indicators. You’ll also have a urinalysis, which provides information about blood sugar level and other health indicators. The urinalysis is also used for drug testing purposes. You may also have your blood drawn and undergo other in-office tests, such as an electrocardiogram.

Each test you take is done to determine if you’re healthy enough to drive a commercial vehicle safely.
What do you need to bring to a DOT physical?

• medical records, if your regular doctor or specialist is not the one giving you the exam;

• medical records you have from any specialists you see, particularly if you’re being treated for a condition such as obstructive sleep apnea; most recent laboratory results report, if you have diabetes mellitus or another condition which requires blood draws

• any auditory or visual aids (prescription glasses, hearing aids) you need while driving, so that you can use them during testing

• a list of all the prescription medications you take

Is it hard to pass a DOT physical?

DOT physicals are designed to help determine if you are healthy enough to drive a commercial vehicle. Many conditions that might disqualify you can be managed. If you can show that your condition is manageable and that you are under a medical professional’s close care, you should be able able to obtain a certificate.

Schedule at DOT Physical at either location in Upper Darby or Chester

At Everest Medical Care, we offer convenient scheduling during extended hours for DOT physicals. Call us at 610-352-8000 in Upper Darby or 484-480-4700 in Chester or visit us online to schedule an appointment.