What to Expect

Step 1 – Schedule Your Appointment; Get Access to Specialty-Level Care

Our Physical Therapy Team can help you with any ache or pain—with or without a referral from your doctor. Our dedication to attaining the highest level of certifications and using the latest, evidence-based research, provides you with the highest quality care helping you achieve long-lasting results in fewer visits.

Make An Appointment

Step 2 – Meet with a Therapist; Get a Thorough Evaluation

We need thorough details if we are going to help you find the right solution. You need a therapist who will take time to listen to you. That is why we complete an in-depth evaluation to get to know you personally and make sure we understand your pain or mobility issues. This information will allow you to set realistic goals—so you can have confidence that you are working toward long-term success.

Step 3 – Create a Plan for Lasting Relief; Become Part of the Everest Family

Once you start down this path, you will leave the first appointment with a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. Our trusted team is with you every step of the way – during and after treatment. We are always available if you have a question or start to experience new aches and pains or other injuries.